Chord Kunci Gitar

Chord Kunci Gitar Zayn Malik Feat Zhavia Ward A Whole New World

A Whole New World.

Judul lagu : A Whole New World
Nama Band / Penyanyi : Zayn Malik
Genre : Pop

    Chord Kunci Gitar Zayn Malik Feat Zhavia Ward A Whole New World. In A.

    Intro :   A   D   A   (2x)

    AI can sDhow you the wAorld
    AShining, shimmering, sDplenEdid
    C#mTell me pC#rinces
    Now wF#mhen did you last Dlet your heart decAide?

    AI can oDpen your eAyes
    ATake you wonder by wDondEer
    C#Over sideways and uF#mnder
    On a Dmagic carpet rAide

    Chorus :
       A whole new wEorld
       A  A new fantEastic point of vAiew
       No one to tDell us nAo
       Or wDhere to Ago
       Or sF#may we're Bonly dreaEming

       EA whole new world
       A  A dazzling pElace I never kF#mnew
       ABut when I'm wDay up heAre
       It's cDrystal cAlear
       That F#mnow I'm iBn
       A wGhole new wEorld withA you

    CUnbelFievable sCights
    Indescribable fFeelGing
    ESoaring, tumbling, free wAmheeling
    Through an Fendless diamond sCky

    Chorus :
       A whole new worGld C
       (Don't you dare close your eyes)
       A hundred tGhousand things to Amsee
       (Hold your breath it gets better)
       I'm like a shFooting sCtar
       I've cFome so fCar
       AmI cant go back to Dmwhere I used to Gbe

       GA whole new world
       (Every turn a surprCise)
       With new horiGzons to pAmursue
       (Every moment red letter)
       I'll chase them aFnywheCre there's tFime to sCpare
       AmLet me shFare this whDmole new woGrld with yCou

    AF whole new C/Eworld
    ThFat's where C/Ewe'll be
    A FthrillingC/E chase
    A Fwondrous pC/Elace
    For Fyou Gand Cme

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