Chord Kunci Gitar Eagles Hotel California

Judul lagu : Hotel California
Nama Band / Penyanyi : Eagles
Genre : Rock
  • Am Chord
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  • D Chord
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  • C Chord
  • Dm Chord

Chord Kunci Gitar Eagles Hotel California. Nada Dasar Am.

Intro :   Am   E   G   D   F   C   Dm   E   (2x)

AmOn a dark desert highway
Ecool wind in my hair
GWarm smell of colitas
Drising up through the air
FUp ahead in the distance
CI saw a shimmering light
DmMy head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
EI had to stop for the night

AmThere she stood in the doorway
EI heard the mission bell
GAnd I was thinking to myself
This could be Dheaven or this could be hell
FThen she lit up a candle
CAnd she showed me the way
TDmhere were voices down the corridor
EI thought I heard them say

Reff :
   FWelcome to the hotel CalifoCrnia
   Such a lEovely place (such a lovely place)
   Such a lAmovely face
   FPlenty of room at the hotel CalifCornia
   Any tDmime of year (any time of year)
   You can Efind it here

AmHer mind is tiffany-twisted
EShe got the Mercedes bends
GShe got a lot of pretty, pretty boys
DThat she calls friends
FHow they dance in the courtyard
SwCeet summer sweat.
DmSome dance to remember
ESome dance to forget

AmSo I called up the captain
Eplease bring me my wine
He said, we Ghaven t had that spirit here since
Dnineteen sixty nine
FAnd still those voices are calling
From fCar away
DmWake you up in the middle of the night
EJust to hear them say

Reff :
   FWelcome to the hotel CalifCornia
   Such a lEovely place (such a lovely place)
   Such a Amlovely face
   They're Fliving it up at
   The hotel CalCifornia
   What a Dmnice surprise (What a nice surprise)
   Bring your aElibis

AmMirrors on the ceiling
EThe pink champagne on ice, And she said
GWe are all just prisoners here
DOf our own device
FAnd in the master s chambers
CThey gathered for the feast
DmThe stab it with their steely knives,
But they jEust can t kill the beast

AmLast thing I remember, I was
ERunning for the door
GI had to find the passage back
To the Dplace I was before
FRelax, said the night man
We are Cprogrammed to receive
DmYou can checkout any time you like
EBut you can never leave!

Outro :   Am   E   G   D   F   C   Dm   E  (4x)

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